Meet Dorothy

I love it here. I like to be around people. And the meals are great. I'm going to stay. - Dorothy

Dorothy Plum was the head school cook for 30 years, then worked at a funeral home for 11 years.  She’s been at Village Place for nearly ten years.

“I love it here.” She says the spelling bee and playing cards are a couple of her favorite activities.

Dorothy and good friend Evelyn, who’s also a Village Place resident, have been told they’re pranksters. They earned the nicknames “Trouble 1″ and “Trouble 2,″ though Evelyn says, “We don’t think we’re trouble!”

The two friends agree that Village Place is a great way to spend retirement.

On-site hair salon at Village Place makes haircuts and styling easy and relaxing.
Dorothy Plum relaxes in the Villages on-site salon.